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Rebecca Berrett - Statewide

Welcome! I am the Statewide Campuses Integrated Studies Advisor. If you are a Logan or out of state student, please schedule with Alexandria Ziegler. If you are a Statewide student in another major/program, you can locate your advisor at by the College of your major or by typing your degree program into the search bar.

About Integrated Studies:
The Integrated Studies degree is for undergraduate students who want to complete a four-year degree that will empower them to achieve their career aspirations. Students pursue a curriculum aligned with their values, interests, personality, and strengths through one of six Career Focus Areas (CFA). The CFA provides a guided pathway and allows students to define outcomes and career options to create their major requirements.

Contact Information

Office Location: Brigham City Campus, Room C202
Phone: 801-919-1310
Email Address:

Cancellation Policy

Students should cancel their appointments in a timely manner.

Advising appointments are available in-person and virtually (Zoom/phone). Please note the following availability:

  • Monday - Wednesday 8 am - 5 pm available by Zoom or phone only

  • Thursday 8 am - 5 pm available by Zoom, phone or in-person at Brigham City campus

  • Friday 8 am - 12 pm available by Zoom, phone or in-person at Kaysville campus

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